wedding ideas

For many, their wedding’s day is the best day of their lives and a time where it is easy to forget about the cost. It is far too easy to get carried away with expensive wedding ideas resulting in huge debts you will have to live with long after the big day.

Keeping your wedding ideas simple does not mean going without or not having the things you want it just means planning things better to achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to cut costs the best thing you can do is enlist the help of family and friends. Consider if anyone you know has a certain skill? Do you know someone who can bake a wedding cake, a seamstress who could design or alter a wedding dress or someone good with crafts that could create wedding invitations and favors?

It may seem easier to hire someone to make your wedding cake but this is extremely pricey if someone you know is a keen cook or can bake wedding cakes to a high standard then this is probably a better and cheaper option. Why not see if they would help you out by making your wedding cake for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

wedding tipsNumerous wedding ideas can be realised yourself some of which you will have fun doing. Why not create your own wedding favors? If this is not something you have ever thought about and feel it is the job of a specialist you could not be more wrong. Most wedding favors are simple boxes filled with a sweet, a piece of wedding cake or a small gift. It is far cheaper to buy the boxes yourself, decorate them and add the gift than to employ someone else to do this.

When you first begin to plan your wedding you may find your wedding ideas could be on the extravagant side. Make sure you keep track of the costs so you are aware exactly what the final bill will then create a separate list and start to look at which jobs could be done by your friends and family and study the list to see where savings can be made without necessarily compromising on quality.

You will see a huge difference in price from the wedding ideas list that is created with the help of family and friends and the list where you employ professionals.

Do not feel like you are being cheap by asking people you know to help you. Quite often people will be overwhelmed and honoured that you would like them involved with your wedding ideas and will be happy to help. After all, a wedding is about family.

Make sure you do not overload people with too much to do. One job per person is plenty as some jobs such as making the wedding invitations and favors may require more than one person. The last thing you want are people who are over enthusiastic and unrealistic on what they can deliver. The sooner you let people know which part they can play in your wedding ideas the better! Having more time to plan will ensure the job is done in time and will not be rushed.