wedding officiant gratuity

Alright, let’s talk about an uncomfortable situation. No, we’re not going to talk about the in-laws but we can understand where you’d come up with that conclusion. Let’s talk about tipping and gratuity, especially in the business of tipping the people who are working your wedding. You’ll quickly learn when doing the hiring for an officiant that they don’t actually charge anything but many of them work for free. Some of them don’t even care if they receive any gifts or tips but it’s still gracious to give them something regardless.

Well, of course, this is assuming that the service was good and went off without a hitch. You obviously don’t want to tip someone who gave you terrible service and I wouldn’t blame you in that case. The thing about weddings is, the payment is awkward for all parties involved. You’ve got the band, the catering and all these different people who want paid right away. You’ve got some people who are too nervous to ask about their payment and they’re just assuming that you’ll take care of it and the likes. It’s not their fault, asking about payment from someone is awkward.

The most honesty people in the room are probably the in-laws because they’re the ones more than likely helping pay for the wedding and if there’s a cost that’s questionable, they will definitely bring it up. However, putting all of the usual costs aside, there’s the gratuity for the officiant. So, how do you determine how much he should get or what kind of gratuity he should get in the first place? There’s a couple of different things to consider.

First, was the officiant professional? Did he present himself in a manner that made him look professional and like you’d use him again if you were getting married all over again tomorrow? Next, what kind of trouble did the officiant go through to get to you? Did they have to travel a long way and did they have to go through a long road of obstacles to get to you? Take their travel plans and arrangements into consideration when deciding whether or not to be gratuitous.

How did the actual wedding go? Was the officiant in charge of the ceremony and did the officiant run the show? Did the officiant make it known that you two were the center of attention or did they wait around waiting to take orders from the bride? This is the biggest contribution factor as the officiant needs to know what they’re doing and how to direct a wedding or else, it’s going to be a potential disaster.

Now, even if the service was less than perfect, you might still want to consider giving a tip his way or else, he could have a bad taste in his mouth left for you when he leaves. Word of mouth travels a long way but most officiants are gracious people and usually aren’t the type of people to hold grudges of any kind. Use your best judgement.